3 Guys Adventure

Bhalukpong, Arunachal Pradesh

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Freedom camping, River rafting and Trekking
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Fresh mornings with strong winds blowing through trees welcome you as you step out of your rooftop tents after camping through a cold night by the river. The place is run by a group of adventurers who have set up a great initiative of adventure tourism in Northeast India. You can try river rafting learning the various techniques of moving through rapids or hike to some beautiful places in and around the property. This place is a must for adventure lovers or people who love the idea of it but haven't tried it so far. Distance/Time from Guwahati: 241.3 km / 5 hour drive


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  • pets
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  • Drinking Water
  • Barbeque
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Visite nearby places.


More than five cliffs near 10km range.


Refresh yourself while boating in fresh water lakes.


More than 10 lakes in the area.

River Beach

Get the feel of beach and not caring about the tides.


Swim from the core of your heart.


let's go fishing!

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Rafting in the Kameng River

If you have been in rafts on rapids you know what you're signing up for and for the ones who haven't this adventure will change your life. Rafting in the white water of the Kameng river with strong rapids and currents is the adrenaline deal you need. The staff is very well experienced and are great hosts too. We highly recommend this experience for everyone, yes, even you who are hydrophobic or can't swim. What are lifejackets for!

Visit the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary

Sessa Orchid Sanctuary or Tippi Orchidarium is on the banks of River Bharali in West Kameng district. Arunachal Pradesh boasts of having the largest orchid ranges in India and Tipi adds value to the claim. It has over 50,000 varieties of orchid including some of the rarest species. New hybrid varieties are created by scientists in the research centre here. Orchid Glass House in the centre has over 1,000 orchids, out of which most are arranged in hanging baskets and pots. Since rafting and fishing facilities are also available here, Tipi Orchidarium remains in the top list of favourite tourist destinations in Bomdila.

Visit the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Close to Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, you will find Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, which is spread across a vast expanse of 217 sq. km. The sanctuary offers spectacular views with waterfalls flowing from decent heights and the Kameng river flowing through the lush greenery of the region. The sanctuary is home to various birds like eagle, hornbill, kingfishers, ducks and pheasants. The animals found here include Bengal tiger, langur, Asian elephant, black bear, red panda and many more. Over 165 types of butterflies that are seen here add colour to the colourful sanctuary. You will love being in this episode of wild adventures.