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7 best Campsites in Meghalaya for your next road trip

1. Nongkhnum Island

Shores of the Nongkhnum beach

This is Asia’s second-largest River Island and also one of the most visited campsites on our list! Calling this campsite a wonderland would make complete sense as the transition of this place from landscapes to water and vice- versa is like magic. Experiences like strawberry farm visit, Trek to Weinia waterfalls and swimming in the Nongkhnum beach reconcile to make this campsite the best of all. You can have a perfect evening with the warmth of a bonfire under a starry-night at the shoreline of the Nongkhnum beach. All set to reach here! Well, don’t forget to visit the Weinia waterfalls.Book now

2. Sai-i-Mika Resort

Overlanding at Sai-i-Mika

The resort offers you the perfect combination of nature and comfort to its guests during their stay. This campsite provides uncountable number of activities and experiences like off-roading, trekking, swimming, monumental visits, etc. to make your stay a complete bliss. However, the Khasi hospitality of this resort in bamboo huts is the center of attraction. Also, ensure that you experience the live gigs that are performed by the city band during your stay at Sai-i-Mika. There is also a swimming pool and a waterfall within the premises of this resort where you can rejuvenate yourself after a tiring day.Book now

3. The Sanctuary Song Resort

Trails for mountain biking

If you are for a campsite where everybody on your family trip can enjoy equally! Well, you can put a halt to your search at this campsite. The location of this resort is in the middle of protected forestland because of which it provides uninterrupted access to greenery. Also, this campsite brings you a step closer to wildlife and nature. You can boost your adrenaline with activities like mountain biking, ziplining, and paintball at this place. Bird-watching and strawberry farm visits are the top experiences offered at this campsite. For a detailed view of this paradise in Meghalaya click here. Book now

4. Serene Homestay

The living Roots Bridge near the campsite

This campsite offers you access to the most popular tourist attractions in Meghalaya i.e. the living roots bridge and Rainbow waterfall. Apart from providing basic adventure activities like trekking, fishing, swimming, off-roading, etc. serene homestay lets you experience the cultural ethos that is preserved by the people of Nongriat village. This campsite is a challenging place to look for the traces of human intervention but the villagers have sustained themselves well enough by befriending naturing and respecting its elements. The trek to Rainbow waterfalls is a task because of its rocky trails with no proper staircase so store enough energy if you have plans of
reaching here. Book now

5. Traveller’s Nest Mawphlanur

View from the top of the hill at Mawphlanur.

Are you a water baby who just cannot control its excitement around water bodies? Then Traveller’s nest Mawphlanur should be a match for your hunt of the right campsite in Meghalaya. This campsite is surrounded by 27 ponds all of these are accessible to the guests who plan to stay here. The drive to this place is mesmerizing as it takes you along the most beautiful trails in Meghalaya. You can easily pick the right vehicle from Guwahati whence it is a 4-5 hours drive to reach here. Ample activities like Kayaking, swimming, fishing, and trekking can be done at Traveller’s nest Mawphlanur. Don’t forget to capture the sunrise at the hill-top for a perfect Instagram picture during your stay
at this campsite!Book now

6. White Water Village

Kayaking in the Umtrew River

What can be better than an alluring view of sun rays striking on the green leaves and making the dewdrops glisten in the morning! You can catch this sight from the window panes during your stay at White water village in Shillong. Surrounded by forests on one side and tea garden on the other this campsite provides uninterrupted access to greenery. Also, walking amidst the aromatic tea-garden in the morning is equivalent to walking in heaven on earth. water village is also popular for attracting the attention of professional Kayakers around the world because of the presence of Umtrew River where you can have the best Kayaking experience in the country. Go for a Jungle Trek to explore this vast expanse of nature and find a spot where you can feel the most alive in
White Water village! Book now

7. Traveller’s Nest, Kongthong

Camping at Kongthong

Have you ever wondered what would it feel to be in a world where people don’t have names! No, we are not asking you to daydream, there actually exists a place where people do not have names rather they are called by peculiar sounds/ whistles and that place is Kongthong village. This unique way of people addressing each other in this village gives you a reason good enough. However, it is a human tendency to always look for more so apart from this unique culture the scenic winsomeness and plethora of waterfalls that surround this campsite is yet another reason to visit this campsite. Activities like Local farm visits, boating, swimming, sight-seeing, hiking, etc. make overlanding to this place all worth. Also, the experience at the village with the locals is your icing on the cake at
Kongthong. Book now
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