Overlanding in Meghalaya

Overlanding in Meghalaya with a 5-year-old

Touch down Guwahati. And we were all set for an overlanding adventure....

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Overlanding; the ultimate adventure

If you have a soft spot for adventure than Overlanding is something you should have done at least once in your life....

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Why You Should Visit North East India

The North East is still a relatively unexplored paradise....

India is one of the world’s most exotic, fascinating and captivating travel destinations in the world. While the Taj Mahal......

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Wild camping

The ultimate adventure

If you have a soft spot for adventure than wild camping is something you should have done at least once in your life......

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Slow Travel

Slow Travel 2020: Less is more

Are you aware of the term ‘slow travel’? Dawning around the 1980s in Rome, Italy it is a byproduct of protests against.......

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Newsletter 2019

Camping Co's newsletter 2019

With more and more people travelling......

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The Orange festival


Tourism of a place is the key to development and Dambuk village in Arunachal Pradesh...

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Go there, do that!

7 Campsites in Meghalaya for an offbeat overlanding experience.

This is Asia’s second-largest River Island and also one of the most visited campsites on our list!...

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Celebrating Hornbill Festival


Nagaland or more prominently known as the 'land of festivals' celebrates the Hornbill festival from December...

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Camping Co

A New World: Camping in Northeast India

Travelling is an irresistible love affair th.......

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Meghalaya Tourism


First time I had come to Guwahati, I was pleasantly surprised to see the greenery around. Completely oblivious of geographic.......

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An Overlanding Trip

Ziro, India

An Overlanding Trip to the country’s most picturesque Valley and secret music festival - Ziro, India.......

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Christmas in Meghalaya


I always tell our guest travelers that the best way to spend Christmas in Meghalaya is to get yourself invited to a local’s......

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Top 10 places in Meghalaya


It has been almost 3 years since I have moved to Guwahati and the highlight of my stint here is traveling to the most spec......

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What is overlanding

North East

According to the standard definition, overlanding is self-reliant travel to remote destinations where the journey is the main go...

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My first overlanding trip

Laitlum Grand Canyons, Meghalaya

At 6 am my alarm started buzzing and being the lazy pig that I’d like to call myself I immediately put it on snooze...

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