Serene Homestay

Nongriat, Meghalaya

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Living root bridges and hiking routes
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You have to trek down to the homestay for about 1 and a half-hour after parking your car and the double-decker living root bridge is 100 metres from there. They're the pioneers of homestay culture in the Nongriat region and you can book a room with them to experience authentic Khasi hospitality. It is a very simple property with basic facilities for people who wish to explore the living root bridges along with nearby hiking areas. We recommend trying the local food as you will find intriguing tastes that you might not get to try otherwise. The rooms are very reasonably priced and camping is available only during winters. Distance/Time from Guwahati: 160 km / 5 hour drive


  • Toilet
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Pets
  • Charging Point
  • Drinking Water
  • Barbeque
  • Bonfire
  • Picnic Table
  • Breakfast



Visit nearby cave in Night.


More than two waterfalls near 10km range.


Visite nearby places.


More than five cliffs near 10km range.


More than 10 lakes in the area.

Local Farm Visit

Visit to the local farm.

River Beach

Get the feel of beach and not caring about the tides.


Swim from the core of your heart.


let's go fishing!

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Nongriat village

Nongriat village is a harmonious and sustained gathering of villagers, tourists and nature. You have to be respectful of their customs and traditions as they have worked really hard toward maintaining them. It is completely cut off from what we address as the normal world and you can't help but wonder what they have going for themselves is damn near perfect. There are basic connectivity issues like kids going to school and resources need to be carried on foot, but it comes with its pleasures as well.

Double decker living root bridge

Trek to these architectural wonders of human accomplishment deep in the jungles tucked away from civilization and resources. A tradition almost centuries-old, where the elders of the communities along with the growing members build their bridges with the help of nothing but roots of trees to be able to cross over water bodies. You might want to address at this point that this is a place that receives the maximum rainfall on our planet as we know it so there was no other way to cross these high-intensity rivers. You can only stand there in awe of what these people have accomplished with literally no resources or scientific background. Also, because you have a water body right under might as well take a dive.

Rainbow waterfall

Rainbow waterfall is tough one to crack, especially if you haven't stretched that body of yours in a while. We recommend taking enough rest as this trek takes 2 hours after reaching Double Decker Root Bridge and the man-made steps end after a count o 500. Few places can be quite narrow so it's advisable to have good trekking shoes. But once you get to the place, firstly there will be little to no crowd as it's a task to get here, it's a scene right out of movies that are used to portray heaven, a long waterfall with a huge rainbow in the middle of a perfect landscape. Leaving the existence of heavens behind we can surely say if there was something of that sort, it would definitely be a beauty like this.