Traveller's Nest (Kongthong)

Kongthong, Meghalaya

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Cultural preservation and thick forests
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Description And Features

The people of Kongthong don't have names and they've never had any. Instead, the mother names her child with a unique lullaby/whistle when it's is born and the villagers address each other with their unique tunes. If you think about the science behind this, the deep valleys and thick forests don't allow the sound of regular names to travel as far or as clear so this technique makes total sense. The winding road to Kongthong takes you through thick forests, valleys and meadows where you can find waterfalls almost everywhere. At the campsite, you can play football with the locals on a huge open ground among clouds and if you need accommodation beside the car's rooftop tents there are basic huts available. Distance/Time from Guwahati: 147.5 km / 4 and a half hour drive


  • Toilet
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Pets
  • Charging Point
  • Drinking Water
  • Barbeque
  • Bonfire
  • Picnic Table>
  • Breakfast



More than two waterfalls near 10km range.


Visite nearby places.


More than five cliffs near 10km range.


Refresh yourself while boating in fresh water lakes.

Local Farm Visit

Visit to the local farm.

River Beach

Get the feel of beach and not caring about the tides.


Swim from the core of your heart.


let's go fishing!

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The village is quite cut off from the roads as you go deeper (off-road vehicles) and it's just the place nature lovers look out for. Most of the elements here are untouched, and you can go for hikes and connect with nature.

Village experience

The whistling village of Meghalaya, Kongthong, is a world unseen and unheard of. Take a walk through the village streets and jungle to get acquainted with the stories that led to the village becoming the eccentric attraction that it is today. Please be respectful of the traditions followed by the people as it is something very close to them and sensitive.

Visit the bee farms

The people of this village understand the importance of honey bees in our ecosystem. You can see numerous bee farms in the Kong thong village. The quality of honey that you get here is unparalleled, and we're willing to vouch for it. It might just be the best honey on the planet. We reckon you go try it yourself. The honey produced in this region is then distributed throughout the state Meghalaya for consumption.